Lift-the-Flap Language Cards
40 lift-the-flap cards with words and pictures. Each of the five volumes of cards included is designed to focus on important language development areas for your child.

  • Volume 1, Volume 2 – Designed to help children learn their first written words and the meanings of those words.
  • Volume 3 – Focuses on helping your child learn short written phrases as well as sentences.
  • Volume 4 – Gives your child practice forming higher-level categories and introduces some new written vocabulary words.
  • Volume 5 – Has around 200 rhyming words which may be used to help your child learn some analytical phonics.

These cards are suitable for both American English and British English.

Click on this image to see the PDF of Lift-the-Flap Card Instructions
Click here or on the image above to view these Lift-the-Flap Card Instructions as a PDF.