This page is to help you identify which Your Child Can products may be in your kit. Please click here for instructions and tips for each product.

Your Baby Can Learn! Products
Your Child Can Read! Products


The Your Child Can Read! series is the follow-up series to Your Baby Can Learn! This series was designed by Dr. Titzer. Phonetic patterns of words are highlighted. In addition, there are “fast reading” segments where the words are presented very quickly. This is an entertaining series with music videos and interactive segments throughout. This series is for children who can recognize at least 50 words or children ages 5 and up.

These DVDs are included in all English Your Baby Can Learn! Deluxe Kits, all Your Child Can Read! kits, Early Learning Packages, 4-Language Packs, and Multi-Language Packs. They can also be purchased separately and are available as digital downloads at

Sliding Phonics Cards

The large Sliding Phonics Cards can form more than 70 rhyming words by sliding a tab on the top part of the card. By pulling the tab on the bottom part, the child can match an image for each word. The ten double-sided cards are colorful with images from the Your Child Can Read! videos.

These cards are included in Your Child Can Read! Deluxe Kits and Early Learning Packages. They are also currently included as a bonus gift in the 4-Language Pack and the Multi-Language Pack. They can also be purchased separately.