Your Child Can Read!

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Your Child Can Read! (YCCR) is the follow-up series to Your Baby Can Learn!


Which series should you purchase? We have changed the name of our most popular series to Your Baby Can Learn! , so please read that description. It is for babies and toddlers.

Your Child Can Read! should only be used AFTER using Your Baby Can Learn! in most cases. Includes all five Your Child Can Read DVDs and Sliding Phonics Cards. This series was designed by Dr. Titzer. Phonetic patterns of words are highlighted. In addition, there are “fast reading” segments where the words are presented very quickly. This is an entertaining series with music videos and interactive segments throughout. The large Sliding Phonic Cards can form more than 70 rhyming words by sliding a tab on the top part of the card. By pulling the tab on the bottom part, the child can match an image for each word. The ten double-sided cards are colorful with images from the YCCR DVDs. YCCR is designed for children who can read at least 50 words or for children 5 years and older who have not yet learned to read.

If you purchase this series, you will be buying from the creators and producers of the very popular series. There are many counterfeit items that look similar on the internet, but the cards may not slide or the DVDs may not work on some DVD players. The only products that you can verify as new and authentic are from the Infant Learning Company since we did not sell our products to any of the other online sellers in the USA.

$64.95 + $35 shipping