Teaching Cards Box

The Teaching Cards showcase 166 key words that have been selected out of the 200+ words presented in the Your Baby Can Learn! DVDs. The Teaching Cards are color-coded and designed to be used in conjunction with each volume of the DVD series:

Step 1 – Blue with 22 words

Step 2 – Orange with 26 words

Step 3 – Red with 44 words

Step 4 – Green with 52 words

Step 5 – Purple with 22 words

Please click here or on the image of the Teaching Cards box to view the Teaching Cards instructions.

During the month or two that your child watches each volume of the videos, show your child the corresponding set of color-coded Teaching Cards as you play to reinforce what she has learned. These cards will also allow you to see how your child is progressing.

Included in the Teaching Cards are five games you can play with your child. Feel free to play any of the games that are described on the box with any of the Teaching Cards. For instance, the Fast Words Game is shown with the purple cards on the box, but you may play the game with any of the cards.

It is better to stop while you and your child are still enjoying the word games. I recommend playing with the words for a few seconds hundreds of times a day rather than having one longer session. If you show your child words as you say them, the process does not need to take much longer than simply saying the words.

The Teaching Cards are included in the Deluxe Kits. They can be purchased as part of an upgrade kit for customers who purchased the 4-Level Kit in the green box, or you may purchase them separately at www.YourBabyCanLearn.com. Instructions for using the cards are on the box.