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Dr. Robert Titzer founded The Infant Learning Company in 1996 in order to share the learning videos he created for his children with people around the world.

Dr. Titzer is a trained infant researcher. He used his multisensory, interactive approach to teach both of his infant daughters. The program now called Your Baby Can Learn! has been featured in hundreds of positive news stories highlighting the learning successes of many children around the world. His approach has also been harshly criticized – usually by people who have not actually used the series and those who are opposed to children interacting with screens.

The Infant Learning Company is proud to be at the forefront of the early learning community. We strive to change the way societies think about early literacy and early learning, and we will continue to speak out to educate the public on these important issues. The Infant Learning Company is a small family-owned company headed by Dr. Titzer, his sister Sharon Patterson, and a dedicated staff who really enjoy being part of the early learning movement. We are devoted to creating fun and entertaining products that stimulate learning in infants, toddlers, and preschoolers using Dr. Titzer’s science-based approach.

New research suggests that early language learning in the first 18 months of life influences infants’ abilities to learn new words as well as how quickly infants process language information. A “language gap” is already present by 18 months of age. The gap between the lower-level language learners and the higher-level language learners tends to increase over time. The good news is that all socio-economic status families can talk to their babies more to help them learn language skills. The Infant Learning Company is dedicated to educating parents about the importance of learning language skills in the first years of life because of the large impact this has on the individual children as well as their families and societies. No parent needs to purchase a single product from us in order to talk to their babies or use the methodology that we recommend.

Infants have better higher cognitive functioning abilities than previously believed. When learning about toys or other objects, babies are expected to use these capabilities while exploring with all of their senses. However, following traditional approaches babies ordinarily figure out language skills primarily with their ears instead of using all of their senses. We suggest allowing babies to use their senses while learning language skills. In other words, instead of only hearing words we would like for babies to see and hear words, say the words, see and hear what they mean, do physical actions related to the words, and answer questions related to the words.

The primary goal of The Infant Learning Company is to help make parents aware of the importance of teaching their children in the first years of life. Whether you decide to teach your baby on your own or with our easy-to-use programs, we are here to answer your questions and help you along on the exciting path to early learning. We look forward to providing you with the latest research on early literacy and early learning. Our programs are now sold on six continents and in virtually every country in the world.

Thank you for taking the time to read about us and for your interest in our early learning programs! For parents who have used our products, we sincerely thank you. For the many thousands of parents who continue to write or call with words of support, we can never thank you enough for taking your valuable time to send us videos and kind messages

To meet Dr. Titzer in person or hear one of his talks, please click here to see Dr. Titzer’s schedule of events.


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