Please click on the links or images below to view printable PDFs of the 2- or 3-Language Viewing Schedules.

In some parts of the world, a large percentage of the population learns three or more languages, so please know that it is possible for young children to learn multiple languages, especially in an interactive environment.

Your Baby Can Learn! Deluxe Kits are now available in American and British English, French, German, Spanish, Dutch, and Japanese. Some products are available in Vietnamese and Brazilian Portuguese. We are currently working on a Mandarin version.

If you want to use Your Baby Can Learn! to introduce your child to other languages, please allow your child to be exposed to all of these languages before mastering his native language. For example, if you are interested in your child learning English, French, and Japanese, alternate showing Volume 1 Newer and Volume 1 Classic of English with Volume 1 of French and Volume 1 of Japanese according to the graphic schedules on the following pages.

In addition to using the Your Baby Can Learn! program, use many other approaches to help your child learn the languages.

Here are a few quick tips for parents who don’t speak the second languages they are trying to teach:

• Choose the best languages for your family situation
• Start early and be consistent over a long period of time
• Watch the DVDs with your child and try to learn along with her
• Use the books and word cards and ask your child questions
• Allow your child to hear native speakers when possible
• Find a friend or babysitter with whom you and your child can
practice the new languages
• Consider attending a language class with your baby
• Don’t mix languages within a thought or sentence – speak in
complete thoughts in each language instead of combining words
from more than one language while speaking