Instructions for Using the Your Baby Can Learn! Lift-the-Flap Cards

These word cards are designed as a companion set for the Your Baby Can Learn! DVD and book series.

Standard Use:
1) Hold the card with your right thumb and index finger in the lower left-hand corner of the card.
2) With your left index finger, point to the word from left to right as you say it. Do not obstruct the child’s view of the word with your fingers.
3) Encourage your child to try to say the word while looking at the word. Do this even if the child cannot verbalize the word.
4) Lift the flap to reveal the photo. Describe the image and ask your child a question related to the picture.
5) Make your interactions with your child more fun by being animated. Lower the flap back to its original position and point to the word from left to right again. Demonstrate the word when possible using actions or 3-dimensional objects.
6) Encourage your child to do an action or make a sound for each word.
7) For children who can recognize at least ten words, point to the words in the sentences as you saw each word. Initially, you should point and say each word as your point to it. As your child learns to recognize more words, then slide your finger from left to right under the words as you read them naturally in a fluid manner.

For Variety:
1) Say “This says elephant.” As you point to the word “elephant” from left to right. It is important to time the pointing to the word with the sound of the word so the child will eventually learn the sounds the letters make.
2) Lift the flap so the child can see the picture. Immediately after saying, “This says elephant.” Say “This is a picture of an elephant” while pointing to the photo. Emphasize the words “says” and “a picture” to contrast the difference between the word and the photo. For the word “ears” you could say “This is the word ears.” And then say “This is a picture of a child’s ears.”
3) Act out each word.
4) Encourage your child to participate by acting out the word or making a sound related to the word.

Play a Word Recognition Game
1) Place two words (e.g., clap and wave) in front of your child.
2) Say something like, “Which word says ‘wave’?”
3) If your child is able to point, then your child can answer by pointing. Babies who cannot point may answer the question by looking.
4) If the child is correct, then say, “Good. Now can you find the word “clap”?
5) If the child is incorrect or doesn’t respond, then say something like, “this says ‘clap’ and this says ‘wave’.” Do this while pointing to the corresponding words.

Play a Memory Game.
This is a memory game where the objective is to find the words that match. It often helps if parents demonstrate how to play the game in front of toddlers. In addition to learning to recognize new words, the child learns some strategy while playing this game.
1) Print several of the same words in lowercase on white paper.
2) Place two copies of the same words with the words face down so that you only see the blank white paper on the back of the word cards.
3) Start with two words that say “clap,” two words that say “waving” and two words that say “mouth”. Mix the six cards up in a random order, then place them in two rows of three cards.
4) Turn over one card and read it aloud.
5) Turn over a second card and say it aloud.
6) If the two cards do not match, then turn them back over while keeping the words in the same locations. The next player will the get the chance to turn over two cards to try to make a match.
7) If the two cards match, then take the two cards and say something such as, “I have a match! Both words say _____.” The same player then takes another turn.
8) Keep going until all of the cards are matched.
9) Once your child has learned to play the game, you may want to use more word cards while playing. You may want to try the game with 8 or 10 cards before expanding to numerous cards.