Overview of Products

Your Baby Can Learn! is designed to teach language skills in a fun way that is similar to how infants and young children naturally explore their environments – by using their senses and by interacting with people and objects. Multisensory learning means learning through more than one sensory system at the same time. In other words, what your baby sees should match what she or he hears. Other sensory information should match as well. Babies often learn more with multisensory learning than they do through a single sensory system (Rose & Ruff, 1987).

Children naturally use all of their senses when exploring their environments. For example, when learning about a toy, babies generally look at the toy, touch the toy, listen to sounds made by the toy, smell the toy, or put the toy in their mouths. Babies also often use movement to help them learn – they may shake the toy to gather additional information.

Your Baby Can Learn! allows children to learn about languages like they naturally learn about toys or other objects. Instead of only hearing language, children are allowed to see words at the same time they hear them – along with seeing and hearing what the words mean. We also encourage children to use touch and other senses and to do physical actions related to the meanings of the words.

Our programs for infants and children fall under our Learn, Read, and Discover brands.

Your Baby Can Learn! is a language learning program for infants and young children that focuses on written and spoken language and second languages.

Your Baby Can Learn! is designed to teach receptive, expressive, and written languages to babies and children ages 3 months to 5 years. It was created by an infant researcher and encourages interactive, multisensory parent-child learning with its books, DVDs, several types of word cards, and parent information. This series introduces language skills in a way that is similar to how babies learn about toys. Its 5 volumes introduce children to written and spoken words and their meanings by allowing children to see and hear words, see what the words represent, and hear sentences describing the words. The videos also feature songs, poems, and interactive word games! The series contains more than 10,000 spoken words in sentences and is available in many languages.

Your Child Can Read! is our follow-up language learning program that focuses on written language.

Your Child Can Read! is the follow-up series to Your Baby Can Learn! that includes DVDs and Sliding Phonics Cards. This series introduces phonics by highlighting parts of words within whole words. There are also fast reading segments where words are presented quickly. Entertaining DVDs contain music videos and numerous interactive segments. This program is designed for individuals who can read at least 50 words or for children 5 years and older who have not yet learned to read.

Your Baby Can Discover! and Your Child Can Discover! form our math, music, and logic program for infants and children.

The Your Baby/Child Can Discover! series introduces infants and children to math, music including perfect pitch, 96 colors, shapes, logic patterns, and prepositions! This package includes six Discover DVDs along with a book on each topic and a bonus audio CD. This highly entertaining program uses a multisensory, interactive approach that encourages children to participate and learn.

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