About Infant Learning Company

About Infant Learning Company

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The Infant Learning Company is proud to be at the forefront of the early learning community. The Infant Learning Company is a family-owned company headed by CEO Dr. Robert C. Titzer, COO Sharon Patterson, and a dedicated staff who really enjoy being part of the early learning movement. We are devoted to creating fun and entertaining products that stimulate learning in infants, toddlers, and preschoolers using Dr. Titzer’s science-​based approach.


The Infant Learning Company is a global company that strives to change the way societies think about early learning by helping parents nurture their children’s love of learning. We promote early learning by providing parents with innovative, science-based products, and we encourage parents to incorporate learning into playtime during their children’s opportune time for learning language skills. Our company inspires families to develop close bonds with their children while experiencing the joys of early learning. Our charitable donations make our products available to more families, breaking down social and economic barriers to early learning and early literacy. Through early learning, our goal is to help parents make the world a better place, one child at a time.


We are the makers of the Your Baby Can Learn!, Your Child Can Read!, and Your Child Can Discover! products.


The Infant Learning Company is led by infant researcher Dr. Robert C. Titzer.


About Dr. Titzer

Dr. Robert C. Titzer

Dr. Titzer’s multisensory learning methodology that he began developing for his own babies back in 1991 is sometimes referred to as one of the world’s foremost early learning approaches. Millions of babies around the world have used his revolutionary products, and parents on every continent (including at least one scientist who lived on Antarctica) have used his early learning approach. Dr. Titzer is trying to change the way societies view early literacy and early learning.


Dr. Titzer earned his Ph.D. in Human Performance at Indiana University where he worked in infant development laboratories conducting theoretical studies about how babies learn. While studying at Indiana University, he taught his own babies using the interactive, multisensory approach that he developed for them. He is the creator of the Your Baby Can and Your Child Can products. More than one million Your Baby Can Learn! kits have been sold in the US alone.


Dr. Titzer has published research in top journals and given talks to more than 100,000 parents including crowds of more than 5,000 at a time. He has appeared on CNN International, IPN TV (Middle East), Good Morning America, Sky News, Prime Time Morning on Channel News Asia, Talk Vietnam, Good Morning TV (Northern Ireland), The David and Kim Show (Australia), Canada AM, Channel 5 (UK), UTV (Ireland), The Five-Thirty Show (Scotland), CNN, MSNBC, The Richard & Judy Show, ABC’s World News Now, The Early Show on CBS, The Discovery Channel, The Learning Channel, Knowledge TV, Headline News, Real TV, WGN, KCBS News Special Assignment (Los Angeles), and thousands of other TV broadcasts.


To meet Dr. Titzer in person or hear one of his talks, please click here to see Dr. Titzer's schedule of events.


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