About Dr. Titzer

Dr. TitzerDr. Robert Titzer has a grand vision of making the world a better place by helping parents develop their young children’s early learning abilities. Dr. Titzer created the Your Baby Can Learn!, Your Child Can Read!, and Your Baby/Child Can Discover! programs. He developed prototype versions of these programs for his two daughters more than 20 years ago.

After earning his teaching credentials from San Diego State University, Titzer taught in public schools on Guam and in California. Titzer completed a Master of Science degree from The Pennsylvania State University and a Ph.D. in Human Performance from Indiana University, where he worked in infant development laboratories conducting important theoretical experiments related to infant learning. Titzer has conducted research in laboratories around the country and taught at several universities.

Dr. Titzer has become a recognizable expert in the area of infant learning and his work has been published in scientific journals including the prestigious Psychological Review. Titzer has given talks about early learning on four continents, speaking with tens of thousands of parents around the world. He demonstrates fun learning activities that parents can do with infants and toddlers to stimulate brain development. Dr. Titzer has appeared on thousands of TV programs and networks, including SKY TV, Good Morning America, The Richard & Judy Show, and Prime Time Morning on Channel News Asia among many others.

Dr. Titzer is trying to change the way societies view early literacy and early learning.

To meet Dr. Titzer in person or hear one of his talks, please click here to see Dr. Titzer's schedule of events.

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