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Your Baby Can Speak! Spanish

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An introduction to Spanish for English speakers.


21 bilingual Spanish-English music videos with on-screen lyrics +
70-minute audio CD with digital 47-page lyric and activity book +
70-minute Hear-Say animated DVD with 200 vocabulary words +
parent instructions +
BONUS 104 word and picture cards

Ages 3 to 8 years.

Your Baby Can Speak! Spanish is available for purchase in increments of 1


The audio parts of this program are great for young children who haven’t started reading. The Your Child Can Speak! Spanish program is probably a better option for babies and young children learning Spanish, whether Spanish is the first or second language. In YBCL the words are taught one at a time, then used in sentences. Children may really enjoy Your Baby Can Speak! because of the music. Your Baby Can Speak! Spanish includes two programs designed to help introduce children to language skills in a fun way! The Lyric Language program includes 21 bilingual music videos in Spanish and English with lyrics shown on the screen and a 70-minute audio CD that includes a 47-page book that you can print from your computer containing the lyrics for each song plus activities to practice. The Hear Say program includes a 70-minute animated DVD and is focused on 200 vocabulary words. BONUS: 104 word and picture cards, and parent instructions. Dr. Titzer recommends using the audio parts of the program while you are playing with your baby. Use the DVDs after your child is reading at least 50 words (in any language).

Ages 3 to 8 years.

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