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Your Baby Can Learn! - VOLUME 1 DVD

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NEW for 2015: Your Baby Can Learn Vol. 1 DVD This new DVD contains three versions of Volume 1, highlights more written words, sorts words for children, and has samples from Dutch, French, Japanese, Spanish, and Vietnamese.

BONUS: We will give you an extra Your Baby Can Learn Vol. 1 DVD (from 2014) with this purchase.

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NEW for 2015 -- YBCL VOLUME 1 DVD:

This 2015 Volume 1 DVD contains three different versions of YBCL. .

The first two versions of Volume 1 introduce 22 key words. The 2015 version
shows most of the sentences and highlights the meaning of some superordinate
category words such as "body parts," "actions," "animals," and "colors." It
also includes samples of YBCL in Dutch, French, Japanese, Spanish, and
Vietnamese as well as a sample of the Discover series.

Ages 3 months to 5 years.

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