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Your Baby Can Learn! French Deluxe Kit

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Regular Price: $199.95

Special Price: $149.95

Your Baby Can Learn! French Deluxe Kit is available for purchase in increments of 1

Quick Overview

Your Child Can Discover Deluxe Kit in English (Bonus gift valued at almost $100!)

5 Your Baby Can Learn! DVDs with more than 10,000 spoken words in French

5 Lift-the-Flap Books in French (with new bonus page of word games)

5 Sets of Sliding Word and Picture Cards (50 words in total) in French

Teaching Cards with Game Suggestions (166 words on 83 cards) in French

Digital Copy of Dr. Titzer's Guide to Early Learning in English

Note: The products are in French and the instructions are in English.

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Limited Time Offer: Includes a free Your Child Can Discover! Deluxe Kit in English – introducing math, logic, perfect pitch, 96 colors, and much more! This free gift is typically sold for almost $100.

French is the second most influential language in the world. French is spoken by more than 200,000,000 people worldwide on five continents. It is a very important language in culture, education, and for traveling. Many fast growing countries in Africa have French as an official language. It is one of the two permanent official languages of the IOC. Many words in English and French have similar roots, making it relatively easy to learn. However, French includes some sounds that are difficult for native English speakers to pronounce properly later in life, so starting earlier is generally much better than starting later. This Deluxe Kit includes all 5 volumes of our videos on 5 DVDs. Our DVDs contain a total of more than 10,000 spoken words in French. This Deluxe Kit also includes 5 Lift-the-Flap Books (each with an additional brand-new page of word games!), 5 sets of Sliding Word and Picture Cards, and 166 Teaching Cards with game suggestions. These products are in French and the instructions are in English.

BONUS: We are also including a digital version of the newly released book Dr. Titzer's Guide to Early Learning

If you purchase this series, you will be buying from the creators and producers of the very popular series. There are many counterfeit items that look similar on the internet, but the cards may not slide or the DVDs may not work on some DVD players. The only products that you can verify as new and authentic are from the Infant Learning Company since we did not sell our products to any of the other online sellers in the USA.

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