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Your Baby Can Learn! Special Edition Deluxe Kit (with 10 videos on 5 YBCL DVDs) +
Your Child Can Read! Phonics Cards+
Your Child Can Discover! Deluxe Kit +
BONUS 6 Mini Sliding Board Books +
BONUS 60 Lift-the-Flap Word, Picture, and Sentence Cards +
BONUS digital copy of Dr. Titzer's Guide to Early Learning!

Special Edition Early Learning Package is available for purchase in increments of 1


This Special Edition Early Learning Package includes the new and improved Your Baby Can Learn! Deluxe Kit with 2 videos on each DVD, the Your Child Can Discover! Deluxe Kit, and Your Child Can Read! Deluxe Kit, plus bonus gifts including 6 Mini Sliding Board Books, 60 Lift-the-Flap Word, Picture, and Sentence Cards, and a digital copy of Dr. Titzer's Guide to Early Learning!.

This package celebrates our new name and includes the Classic version and the Newer version of our popular series on the same DVDs! Each of the 5 Special Edition Your Baby Can Learn! DVDs contains 2 videos for a total of 10 Your Baby Can Learn! videos! This kit also includes 5 Lift-the-Flap Books (each with an additional brand-new page of word games!), 5 sets of Sliding Word, Sentence, and Picture Cards, and 166 Teaching Cards with game ideas in a new folding box. Also included in this package are 20 new Milestone Cards featuring words along with pictures that illustrate their meanings.

The Your Child Can Discover! series introduces your child to math, pitch in music, 96 colors, geometric shapes, logic patterns, and prepositions. This deluxe kit includes all three Your Baby Can Discover! DVDs plus all three Your Child Can Discover! DVDs along with a book on each of the six topics and a bonus audio CD for the Music book. This highly entertaining program uses a multisensory, interactive approach that encourages children to be engaged. Each DVD contains all six topics, and each subsequent volume covers the topics in greater detail.

The Your Child Can Read! series is the follow-up series to Your Baby Can Learn! If your child is between the ages of 3 months and 5 years, she or he should begin with the Your Baby Can Learn! program. This Deluxe Kit includes 5 Your Child Can Read! DVDs and 10 large double-sided Sliding Phonics Cards. This series introduces phonics by highlighting parts of words within whole words. There are also fast reading segments where words are presented quickly. These videos are entertaining, with music videos and interactive segments throughout. A complete set of Sliding Phonics Cards is also included! These large, double-sided phonics cards can form more than 70 rhyming words using one tab while another tab may be pulled to match a corresponding photo!

ADDITIONAL BONUSES: For a limited time, we are including 6 Mini Sliding Board Books and 60 Lift-the-Flap Word, Picture, and Sentence Cards – both are great for on-the-go families. We are also including a digital version of the parent guide Dr. Titzer's Guide to Early Learning!

This kit is our latest edition and its contents come in our beautiful, newly updated packaging.

Summer Special: This package includes two 2015 Volume 1 DVDs and one 2014 Volume 1 DVD. You will have three DVDs for Volume 1, so you may choose to give two of them away to friends with young children!

New 2015 Volume 1 DVD contains three full versions of YBCL! The 2015 version has even more written words! This new DVD intentionally uses different fonts, font colors, background colors, and the words are sorted by categories. All of this added variety should make this new video even more interesting. This DVD also includes samples of YBCL in Dutch, French, Japanese, Spanish, and Vietnamese as well as “perfect pitch” and number samples from our Discover series.

If you purchase this series, you will be buying from the creators and producers of the very popular series. There are many counterfeit items that look similar on the internet, but the cards may not slide or the DVDs may low quality counterfeits that do not contain two versions of the videos on each disc. The only products that you can verify as new and authentic are from the Infant Learning Company since we did not sell our products to any of the other online sellers in the USA.

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