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  1. Your Baby Can Speak! German

    Your Baby Can Speak! German

    An introduction to German for English speakers.


    21 bilingual German-English music videos with on-screen lyrics + 70-minute audio CD with lyric and activity book + 70-minute Hear-Say animated DVD and CD with 200 vocabulary words + parent instructions + BONUS 104 word and picture cards

    Ages 3 to 8 years.

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  2. 5-Language DVD Special with Bonus Gifts

    5-Language DVD Special

    Contains all five volumes of our popular Your Baby Can Learn! videos in: Spanish + French + Japanese + Dutch + Vietnamese! Note: The Spanish DVDs are branded as Your Child Can Speak! Spanish and they contain bonus gifts: 1 set of Sliding Word Cards, 52 Game Cards, and a parent translation booklet. The content of the videos is from the Your Baby Can Learn program. Learn More

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